So I have Decided…

I made a personal blog! It’s (don’t worry that opens in a new tab). I’m basically going to post my personal updates there. Soon I’m going to make a big blog for my notes on things which I read about, because I figure I might as well. Also because, sharing knowledge.

I’ll link to the notebook blog when I make it, should be sometime today. (Click that link- it opens in a new tab.) I read mostly about science, art, poetry, and music theory. But it’s also a notebook for notes on videos I watch and courses I’m taking to get certification or for my degree, so there will be a variety of information on it.

So I’m going to be posting more personal/ life related type stuff, and my notebooks on I’m also going to post about spirituality/ faith/ etc. on that blog, and also write about Goddesses I like and Deities and take notes on that blog. Once again, I’ll link to these blogs whenever I make them. On this blog I think I’ll stick to posting my visual art, and maybe giving little updates.

Oh and also! I have started a YouTube vlog. I made my intro video, which I had made months ago, but I finally finished editing it! So it’s up! Here’s the direct link to that!

I’ll be posting a lot of vlog entries and also thoughts and just like, lots of stuff on there, tutorials for software, etc. Also insights from hopefully ascended masters and the Universe to tell us what we need to know. So if you would, if you have a YouTube, please subscribe and like the video.

I’ll subscribe to you back and also it would mean a lot.


Old Data-bended Flower Art Edited

Prints and boxes available on my society6. Click on the photos for the link.

Update 🦋

Hello everyone! I’ve decided I’m going to try to make updates, just about myself, and tell you about some other topics I’ll be posting about.


I decided I’m going to try to make some prompts every day or so for writing, photography, traditional and digital art. I want to help people who might not know what to create about. Also, journaling prompts most definitely. 🌳


I also just wanted to update you all that I am in college now. I’m only taking one course right now and it’s drawing, but starting on February 10th I’ll be in another visual class. I thought about making a podcast or YouTube where I share what I learn in school, and I probably will make it least a blog, or include it on this blog, what I learn in college, and just what I learn about on my own, because I learn about a lot on my own through online free and paid courses on uDemy, various other learning apps, and websites and books on kindle, free from amazon on amazon prime, which I will make a post about these learning tools. 🍃

New Hair

As well I have cut my hair, my bangs at least. And also, my hair is purple, and I tried to dye some blue but it didn’t really work out the way I wanted it to. But here’s a picture! ☘️

Art, Shop, & Music

Anyhow so just be on the lookout for new posts. I try to post expressive glitches and fractals a lot as often as I can. I will be selling prints, posters, and more soon of them and of my other art. But, yeah. Just a little update. I should also be making any posting some music soon on SoundCloud or a music platform, I’m not sure how soon because music takes time because good things take time and you know. 🍀

I don’t really know what to do to keep my complete time too, so I’ve decided to dedicate my time to learning about various things. I have many passions. and so I’m hoping I can share with you all my past through and with my passions and also just some knowledge that you might want to know, and some prompts that might help you all to grow as artists. 🌱

Peace and blessings to you all,